For the first time, PAM is celebrating the World Day of Architecture 2010 through a month-long exhibition called ARCHITECTS MALAYSIA.

The theme of this year’s World Day of Architecture exhibition is ‘Better Cities, Better Lives – Sustainable by Design’. This is the theme, which PAM had anticipated with the inauguration of the Green Building Index last year and the whole architectural profession in Malaysia is already geared towards addressing the theme. At ARCHITECTS MALAYSIA, PAM takes the opportunity to showcase some of the profession’s best works and its contribution to nation building.Architects Malaysia Exhibition

This exhibition includes the timeline of the evolution of architecture in Malaysia since it was first institutionalised in the 1920s, with a major emphasis on some of its best contemporary works, indicated by those that had obtained PAM awards over the last ten years. Also included are projects that were accorded international awards.

An abstract of the Malaysian exhibits at the 2010 Venice Biennale Exhibition, which is now still going on in Venice, is also exhibited. This section celebrates Malaysian participation at this exhibition for the first time, with an exciting display that could compete with the best of the world.

Many architects have responded to an open invitation to display their creativity in architecture to celebrate the World Day of Architecture 2010 and a selection of the works are now on display. The works are indicative of the new energy and creativity that typifies the creative state of Malaysian architecture today.

The exhibition coincides with the launch of the book, “Shapers of Modern Malaysia – The Lives and Works of the PAM Gold Medallists.” We undertook the production of this book to honour the five Gold Medallists.

We will also be taking a walk down the memory lane with the works of Jabatan Kerja Rakyat. It will be interesting to see how design trends for public buildings and public spaces, both of which fall under JKR’s jurisdiction, have changed over the decades. Many examples of JKR’s works remain throughout Malaysia, and today we showcase them in our exhibition.

This major exhibition is intended to invite the public to celebrate with Malaysian architects the 2010 World Day of Architecture as well as to remind Malaysian architects their own achievements and to continue to raise the standards of Malaysian architecture.

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